OxygenOS – An Affordable Price Point For an Industry Leading Smartphone

The new smartphone from Oppos, the OnePlus Nord, is set to make waves in the mobile world. The smartphone was designed by two famous smartphone designers, ODEON and HTC. The two companies teamed up to launch the phone which has a unique dual camera setup. This is one of the reasons why the device is expected to score big with the mobile community.

The Oppos smartphone has a lot of features and apple iphone 13 applications packed into its body. One of the most interesting features however is its unique dual screen feature. The display of the smartphone has been arranged in a manner where the top and bottom bezels of the screen are the same size. It looks like the sides of the display are split into two sections hence making it look like one large screen.

This dual screen feature however needs to be taken advantage of if you want to view deal on the OnePlus Nord. The good news though is that you can do this. The good thing about this is that if you purchase the handset online, you will not have to pay any import tax or any other taxes. This is one of the reasons why the handset is priced so cheap. It also means that you will not have to worry about the connectivity and service support. You will just have to pay the amount that the company has settled out in the form of selling the handset.

The OnePlus Nord is manufactured by one of the leading mobile manufacturing companies, Oppos. It has a physical home button on its body along with the usual round icons. Apart from that, the device has a 5.4-inch capacitive touchscreen, a single speaker, a USB Type-C port, a heart rate monitor, a dual SIM tray, a MMC card slot and a 16-megapixel rear camera. The dual-core Oxygen engine along with the Android OS 5.1.1 installed on the handset boosts the efficiency of the device. This is one of the reasons why the company has decided to price the device at a rather steep rate.

The company further states that the Oxygen experience on the OnePlus Nordic is much better than that of the iPhone 4A. This is evident from the speed and accuracy with which the company tests the devices. With such an efficient engine and a host of other features, the company does not believe in offering a mid-range phone at such a low price point.

The phone comes with a total of 20 high-quality cameras namely, Cat lens, Ultra zoom lens, Carl Zeiss lens, Sony Ericsson lens, Zenfone lens, EOTX camera, Laser shot camera, NUUO camera and more. It also comes with a dedicated noise cancelling microphone, speaker and a USB cable. Apart from all these, the phone also comes with a cloud storage, Android interface, QWERTY keyboard, notification centre, voice dialing as well as a customizable Quickoffice. The company further states that the Onerix is not a clamshell phone and is a fully customizable smartphone. It also comes with various add-ons such as an ambient light, Evernote and a Hijack speaker, a USB charging cable, and a charging station, so users can use all these features with ease and comfort.